District Heating Design

District Heating Design

District heating can be an effective means of distributing heat to large, commercial and residential developments to provide central heating and hot water.

A District Energy Network (DEN) can lower the environmental impact, decrease pollution and increase the energy efficiency of the development.

Heat Generation and District Heating Design

The design of a District Energy Network (DEN) depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Heat generated can be used for hot water generation and space heating
  • The scale of the development
  • Integration of combined heat and power plant
  • Integration of air source heat pumps or other renewable heat generators
  • Local Authority energy and emission targets
  • Incorporation of design standards for diversity and building use/occupation type
  • Realistic and cost-conscious commitments in Energy Statements
  • District heating designs will be divided into separate parts such as the production area and central boiler plant, the pre-insulated pipes and distribution network and the consumption area and substation.
  • Durable components and resilience are essential
  • Eliminate unnecessary over-sizing of plant to achieve the lowest capital cost and fuel consumption

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