Zero Carbon Design

Sustainable Design Solutions


FLATT prepare designs for building services and renewable energy systems that ensure the optimum balance between meeting carbon reduction targets and capital costs.

Legislation and planning may require the use of renewables. As Low Carbon Consultants, we avoid ‘greenwash’, taking a practical and informed approach to their provision.

Our design proposals create buildings that minimise their environmental impact, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions and hence the extent of renewable technologies required.

We’ll advise you on the most appropriate low carbon or renewable technology, the benefits and how they integrate into the building to provide an optimum cost effective solution.

Design Services

Our services include:

  • Energy statements – meeting London Plan or Local Authority targets
  • Renewable energy evaluations for planning applications
  • BREEAM – carbon emission calculations for new and existing buildings
  • Renewable energy systems design and specification
  • Technology cost reports, payback analysis and feasibility studies
  • Manufacturer option reviews

Low – Zero Carbon – Renewable Energy Systems

FLATT has in-depth experience of renewable technologies, design and application that includes:

  • Free Cooling / Heating thermal store / exchange
  • Stand alone or roof mounted wind turbines
  • Photo voltaic (PV) solar energy systems
  • Solar thermal hot water and solar collectors
  • Biomass heating and fuel storage systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP or CCHP)
  • Ground and air source heating and cooling
  • Thermal Mass with Earth Pipes
  • Phase Change Materials (PCM’s)
  • Emerging technologies i.e. Fuel cells, Energy Storage Systems