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The variety of the projects we work with daily continues to keep the job interesting, along with the different teams I get to interact with. After decades in the industry, it can still be said, no two projects are the same.
Simon Gibson

Simon Gibson


Qualifications: B(Eng) Hons Degree, MCIBSE, C(Eng)

Flatt Consulting

Highly experienced in driving growth whilst overseeing complex projects and thriving on the dynamic diversity of each task.

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Summary of profile:

Starting out in the industry, some 25 years ago, I started life as an electrician, which has given me broad experience in the detailed design of internal and external lighting, along with a range of electrical systems; fire alarms, LV and HV power design, critical systems and much more.

As a chartered Building Services Engineer, I joined Flatt Consulting as an Associate. With my diverse background, experienced skillset, and historic portfolio, I have been assisting in the growth of the London MEP team. The ability to draw from my previous projects, primarily in the office, retail, airports, water, sporting events and MOD, provides real scope as to what the future could hold.

Since joining Flatt I have taken over the running of a six-storey office fit-out in the centre of London. The structural and architectural challenges posed by such a complex project resulted in reducing ceiling heights, among many other solutions, the variety of which tested the knowledge and experience held by the team, brought to a successful completion.

Outside of engineering:

I’m a keen gardener and mountain biker. But when not spending time outdoors I’m passionate about attending STEAM and CIBSE events for the HCSE network.