Royal Wharf – Energy Centre Taking Shape

27th January 2017

The Energy Centre at Royal Wharf has been designed to provide heat to 3,500 dwellings and the associated retail/commercial units.

The design is centered on a planning requirement to achieve 60% of the developments annual heat requirement from CHP (Combined Heat and Power Engine). As a result, the energy centre incorporates two CHP’s which produce 987kW of heat each and 1.0mw  of electrical power these coupled with 8no. 23.500 litres thermal stores which store heated water produced by the CHP, which enables the system to meet the planning requirement.

The overall heating requirement for the site was established by utilising the diversity’s from the Danish Standard DS439 to ensure that the system was correctly sized. Gas boilers have been installed to cover the remaining 40% of the annual heat demand and cover the CHP’s load during maintenance. The gas boilers are made up of 4 x 4.5MW shell and tube boilers and 2 x 1.82 MW condensing boilers. These coupled with the CHP’s provide an installed capacity of 23.6MW which incorporates a backup boiler.

“To improve efficiency and reduce running costs the flow and return for the distribution system operates on a 40oC temperature difference which reduces system losses and pumping power.”

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