10K Sleep Walk – The Countdown Begins!

25th October 2019

On 3rd December, over 10 of us from FLATT will be taking part in the Shelter 10k Sleep Walk through central London to take steps to fight homelessness.

The winter season is fast approaching and across the country, thousands of people are sleeping rough and 6 million households are at risk of losing their homes. Shelter work extremely hard to help millions of people every year by providing expert advice, support and legal services to those affected across the UK.

So we’ll be digging out our winter jackets and joining in to raise money to support those affected by homelessness and bad housing.

As a group, our experience in walking long distances varies from ‘experienced’ (frequent walkers) to ‘inexperienced’ (frequent car commuters), so this challenge will most definitely impact us all differently.

But one things for sure – none of us are quitters!

If you would like to make a donation, please click here

We appreciate all your support and thank you for your donations!

“Our goal is to raise £1,040.00 for this amazing charity and if we are able to exceed this goal, even better! All donations – big or small – take us one step closer to hitting our target and are greatly appreciated.”

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