EPC Commercial Building Focus

27th October 2013

Following on from our previous article on “Minimum EPC Standard” we have undertaken a number of interactive energy/carbon emission studies on various existing types of commercial office buildings; this has allowed us to provide corrective action to poor performing Office Buildings.

By creating a matrix of building enhancements, we can demonstrate and show how these improvements can improve your building EPC, providing essential paybacks and long term revenue strategies.

If you want to improve your building before the deadline of April 2018, if your building is ‘F’ or ‘G’ rated and is being used as rented/leased office, then it is now time to take low cost action, and reduce your risk.  We can show you how best to achieve low cost improvements, achieving a Sustainable agenda over a period of time, at low cost, due to energy saving payment offset.

Why not contact us and let us assist with your building fund or building portfolio.

For further information please contact:

Simon Flatt – msales@flattconsulting.com
01883 331630

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